If you want to increase your impact and income...

...then you need to upgrade your identity.

I, Margot Miller, combine therapy with coaching to help female entrepreneurs do just that. Work with me to break free from codependent survival roles and step into main character energy so you can reach your next level in biz.

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then you're 100% in the right place

It's Time To:

make unapologetic success your new normal!

Whether you're ready to:

  • Elevate your established business to new heights, aligning profit with your deepest passions for unprecedented success.

  • Master your financial landscape, enhancing your life with unparalleled abundance, freedom, and security as a seasoned entrepreneur.

  • Amplify the difference you make in the world, transforming the lives of your clients and customers with your expanding enterprise.

  • Strengthen and grow your audience or community, deepening connections that resonate with your evolved message and values.

  • Secure greater recognition for your contributions, earning features in prestigious publications and media outlets as an industry leader.

  • Forge a lasting legacy that cements your influence and continues to inspire change well beyond your active years.

  • Expand your network with like-minded, high-achieving women who prioritize collaboration and shared success over competition.

  • Connect with a partner who not only matches your ambition but also supports and complements your entrepreneurial journey, enhancing both your personal and professional life.

Say goodbye to over-reliance on others for validation, fear of conflict, or difficulty in setting boundaries and hello to commanding your space with confidence, embracing assertive communication, and making decisions aligned with your vision and values.

Transform your business as you transform yourself, stepping into a realm of unapologetic success.


meet your mentor

hi, I'm margot miller, the CEO & founder:

Let's be real, I'm not the only mindset mentor out there for women in business...

But I AM the only mindset mentor who combines coaching with therapy, so we can dive deep enough into the psyche to create real, lasting change for you and your company.

See, the problem with the typical approach is that it touches on surface-level issues without addressing the deeper, underlying patterns of codependency that hold females back.

My speciality lies in helping you break these so you can reach your full, entrepreneurial potential. Not only will this transform the way you interact with others (audience, team, clients, peers, etc.), it'll change the relationship you have with yourself.

If you're ready to cut through your conditioning and adopt a whole new set of thoughts, beliefs, habits, and behaviors that help instead of hinder you, trust me when I say that you're 100% in the right place...

master's graduate (Marriage & family therapy), ph.d. candidate (business psychology)

Margot is an amazing, beautiful, wonderful spirit and

gift to our planet!


want to work with me 1:1


I have two different options available: Next Level, My 3 Month Mentorship Program) and Power Hours (Single, 60-Minute Psychotherapeutic Coaching Sessions).

prepare for mic-drops!

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Join us on an inspiring journey as we delve into the stories of extraordinary women who have broken barriers, shattered glass ceilings and embraced their unapologetic success!

NO. 1 - addicted & afflicted: how it started




No. 3 - girls gone wild: tips for getting untamed

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