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Working with me might well end up being the best thing you ever do... but don't just take it from me, explore some of the heartfelt positive feedback previous clients of mine have given! These inspiring testimonials serve as a powerful example of the life-changing impact my work here at Her Unapologetic Success can have on your life. 

If it's possible for them, it's possible for you. Let's get to it!



Margot’s Theta Healing abilities are incredibly intuitive. Each consecutive reading I receive, becomes increasingly deep and profound, and her visions precise and clear. It’s as if the more sessions I have with her, the more she connects and taps into the deep recesses of my being. I am grateful how her sessions continue to pervade more and more lightness in my life.

- Lindsay

clare had more fun and made a ton of money!

Simply life-changing! Not only did I have the most profound experience from the first session, but the effects of the work started to take place about a week after where I was able to observe and marvel at fundamental shifts in the way I perceive my own reality and the changes that unfolded as the result of Margot’s clearing.

- Camilla

Margot has already helped me change my life so much in just two weeks. I’m way more comfortable being my fullest self unapologetically and it’s creating a ripple effect in my business and team! She literally is just helping me have way more fun and make a ton of money doing it. I also love her insights on marketing strategies and her ability to shoot back and forth with me and help me come up with my message for my brand more clearly than I have in over a year of doing business. So grateful! Love you Margot!

- Clare



The best thing about Margot is she can help you through an acute crisis while keeping in mind and helping you see the broader picture. I went from 10 out of 10 complete, fully expressed generalized anxiety disorder - feeling in a state of 24/7 panic, fight/flight, nervous system overload to near 0 in a year. She is my lifesaver and accomplice toward anything I aim in life. Crisis and distress still come up bc this is human life on planet earth; however, through the tools I’ve learned and things we’ve been able to clear, I continue to ride the waves/fire with grace and always come out on the other side leveled up.

- Kelly


I experienced beautiful healing with Margot Miller. I received a clearing of some ancestral blocks that were causing me unneeded stress and imbalance in my everyday life. Our healing session helped me shine my light brighter and I felt light and happy afterward!

- Mary Kathryn

I have done several theta healing sessions with Margot over the years. Her work is intuitive and profound. She assisted me in releasing many negative subconscious belief systems that held me back in terms of success, love and health. Margot's skills are undeniable. I would recommend her work to anybody.

- Alexandra

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shanna leveled up massively!

- Shanna

ashley realized her power!

Within one session I cleared a past life trauma that was keeping me emotionally trapped in an event and allowed me to realize my most authentic power. Margot truly has a gift and I know massive shifts are unfolding on a soul level every time I get to work with her. Since our first session, I've found immense clarity and peace to step out beyond my old self and begin a new chapter living as the highest version of myself.

- Ashley

Margot is a gifted and talented healer! Her sessions are life changing. Every time I receive a healing, I level up my business, relationships and life. Margot created a safe and loving space where your healing is gentle and effective. [...] In good times and bad, Margot has provided support and guidance I needed to move forward with a sense of ease, peace and groundedness. She is truly a light that can help guide and support you even during the darkest times. You do not have to suffer to struggle anymore. Choose Margot as part of your team and start getting miraculous results that will go beyond what you ever thought possible. Thank you Margot!

susan felt lighter and brighter!

Margot is an amazing psychic healer. While I focus on the problems and conflicts, she sees the bigger picture. She sees the obligations, responsibilities, and agreements that are outdated and clears them to make way for creativity and growth. In the beginning of the session, she intently listens to the issues that are problematic and weaves her insights and connections between them into the healing. I definitely lighter and brighter after each session.

- Susan

I am amazed. My heart area was like a knot and it made my breathing difficult... and now it is gone!! I feel lighter and brighter. Margot is an incredible psychic seer and healer.

– edith


Amazing! I feel like working with Margot is helping me make huge changes. Thank you so much for the support.


Thank you Margot! Dare I say I feel a well spring of joy running through me?